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Fridgesy Beauty Fridge - Ivory White

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Elevate your skincare routine with our FRIDGESY Skincare Fridge! Increase the shelf-life and application efficacy of skincare products by keeping them chilled.
The best place to store all your beauty essentials!

Cool temperatures are proven to:
✓ Help extend the shelf life
✓ Improve application
✓ Increase the overall quality of your serums, creams, masks, and natural beauty products.

While most products are kept at regular room temperature at 21–22°C, our FRIDGESY Skincare Beauty Fridge keeps your beauty + skincare products chilled at 10°C to keep them fresh, longer!

FRIDGESY Skincare Fridge Benefits:
✨ Increasing the shelf-life and efficacy of natural skincare products
✨ Maximizes beauty efficacy to deliver best results while preserving skincare freshness
✨ Reduce the appearance of skin puffiness by applying chilled skincare products
✨ Wakes up complexion to feel rejuvenated, revitalised and renewed
✨ Perfect for serums, eye creams, moisturisers, oils, toners, face masks, all makeup, facial rollers, gua shas

FRIDGESY Skincare Fridge Features:
» LED Beauty Light
» Front Glass Panel
» Rose Gold Finish + Accents
» Hidden Door Handle
» Adjustable Door Shelf Storage
» 3 Main Shelves, 2 Door Shelves + 1 Beauty Drawer Compartment

Product Details:
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 270*250*425mm
Power (W): 48
Voltage (V): 12
Condition: New
Warranty: 6 months/ 12 months
Feature: Thermoelectric
Installation: PORTABLE
Fridge Capacity: 12L
Application: Hotel, Household

Place it on your bathroom counter, in the bedroom or closet for convenience!
** Read and understand the extended warranty terms and conditions to learn everything you need to know before committing to warranty extension.